Formula Cum, 2023

In 1978, Audre Lorde wrote in the essay 'Uses of the Erotic' about how the erotic power of women has been completely strangled and destroyed by the male view of female sexuality. It has transformed her sexuality and sensuality into something used to sell cars; into pornography; into mere dry orifices.

Over 45 years later, subjective female sexuality in our society is still nearly invisible. We see her naked, sexualized body everywhere, but we do not know what she feels and desires when she is aroused, or what is truly happening with her body at that moment. In contrast to semen, we don't even have an official name for her arousal and orgasmic fluid: the moisture a woman produces when she is sexually excited or climaxing. We only know the term cervical mucus or discharge; the fluid she produces daily, even without sexual arousal. We have no separate word for her arousal and orgasmic fluid. Yet she possesses the beautiful qualities of a web: she connects, she guides.

Formula Cum is a utopia in which subjective female sexuality reveals itself through vehicles. Lisa Schamlé (1989) envisions a world in which the woman uses a car or motorcycle for her own arousal, rather than being used to make the car visible. A world in which she is allowed to be horny; where her erotic power prevails and resists oppression. In this utopia, everything is smeared with her arousal and orgasmic fluids; her wetness slowly forms a worldwide web that connects everything.


concept, photography, sculptures: Lisa Schamlé
music: Marijn Brussaard
performance: Milou van Duijnhoven
coach: Daan Borrel
production: Lena Meijer
funded by: Amarte fonds