IKON, 2020

Since early 2020 I have been working on the photo series 'Ikon', featuring a new generation of role models. During the process I was intuitively drawn to people who I see to have an exemplary role to society. I felt a strong and inexplicable urge to capture these people. Almost as if there wasn’t really a choice but to portray them.

Working as an actor in theatre and film, I observe the lack of diverse representation of our current society. I believe the presence of various role models in our media is highly important. 

In an age where Instagram and other social media platforms enable us to share so much with one another, people have the opportunity to become another version of themselves. One can become one’s own alter ego - and the possibilities seem endless. The traditional conception of beauty and identity is questioned.

Taking on a role, or in this case altering one's outward appearance, can provide the space to show more of oneself. With confidence and vulnerability.
Suddenly the pimples that you usually dislike are now part of your character.

This series questions what roles to fulfill, and how to fulfill those, according to the norm. I sought contradictions within features. For example: strong, masculine features can also have a softness to it. By sharing this duality, I aim to provide a more nuanced depiction others can identify with; for connection and comfort.

Many thanks to the models: Denzel Goudmijn, Vincent Riebeek, Priscilla Lidia Natasha, Angelo Anches, Hidde Aans-Verkade and Barnaby Luke Savage.
Outside eyes: Marijn Brussaard, Zoé Strijbosch, Hazel Oosterhof and Ilja Anne Schamlé.