La Voie De La Perspective,
Amsterdam, 2015

Lisa Schamlé grew up in Amsterdam Oost, surrounded by many different cultures. She was raised with the experience that foreign cultures can broaden your horizon by their difference. That they can give you a chance to reflect upon your own culture.

As a little girl, veiled women fascinated Lisa. She didn’t see the hijab as a religious symbol, but as a piece of clothing that was aesthetically interesting. Walking down the street, women with hijabs fascinated Lisa just as much as people with an impressive hairdo.

The fear and judgment of Islamic culture is omnipresent nowadays. From a western point of view, hijabs are seen as a way to cover up feminine beauty. A limitation of feminine freedom, a suppression imposed by men. As if the seductive beauty of the woman is hidden by the fabric of a veil.

Lisa considers the Western view on veiled women limited and culturally determined. La Voie De La Perspective tries to create a pluralistic understanding of the identity of veiled (Islamic) women. A celebration of the aesthetics of the hijab culture. An invitation to consider the many reasons women wear them. La Voie De La Perspective is a series of self-portraits.