My toe (uncensored), 2022

“My toe (uncensored)” is a series of works dedicated to my right big toe. It includes a 15-part photo series, sculptures, embroidery and a live performance.

My toe is a body part that I see everyday, although she never receives much attention. In this work I try to build on a more intimate relationship with her, by asking her questions like; ‘‘Who are you? What do you like? How are we related?’’. Unfortunately, with little verbal effect. So I tried to communicate with her by putting her in various situations and settings to see what she most strongly reacted to. I gave her a luxurious new nail, pressed her into a cold oyster or put her into a slimey scenery. This seemed more to her liking.

While working, I found out quickly that it touched on much more political subjects than initially intended. Quickly after posting some toe-content on Instagram, the Feet-Fetisch world started contacting me. My toe was being sexualised, without intention. And I wondered, is there a part of the female body that cannot be objectified, if it even happens with a toe? Can the female body belong to itself? So I tried building a career for her by putting her on Onlyfans. In that way, maybe she can earn some money for her own exhibition.

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Glory hole made by Scott Robin Junn

“My toe (uncensored)” was showcased during the IDFA festival 022.Check

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