Ingepakte Dingen (translated as ‘wrapped things’)

Driven by the fascination with human’s behaviour to cover things, possibly to protect an object or in an attempt to make something ‘disappear’, I started making the series ‘Ingepakte Dingen’.

I found that when covering an object, it becomes something else. And that sometimes, trying to hide something emphasizes that particular thing even more. I captured abandoned scenes without the presence of human beings - yet demonstrating how the people remain extremely represented in these landscapes. Because with the object as the main character, the images illustrate human behaviour; unconsciously made settings hiding the protagonist in plain sight.

The photographs are taken all over the world, showing the universal need to wrap things manifested in different places. Some people cover the barbecue outside their summerhouse, others cover all of their belongings in a church alcove.

The objects are idle, waiting to be touched again. It seems like their owners want to mark their territory: this belongs to me, I'm keeping it there for a while.
Personally I feel a comparable urge to gather things, resulting in this larger series.

Many thanks to: Marijn Brussaard, Hazel Oosterhof and Ilja Anne Schamlé.