Me, a depiction, 2024

Throughout my life, my body has never felt truly mine, often overshadowed by external expectations. I've critiqued my body relentlessly, chasing an elusive ideal within. The weight of the male gaze haunts my thoughts. Now, I strive to liberate myself from societal norms dictating womanhood. How do I silence judgmental voices within? This art is my exploration to escape 'the outside eye' and uncover genuine desires. I seek to transform, shifting from objectification to self-narration, reclaiming my body's narrative as my own.

Installation: Lisa Schamlé
Music: Marijn Brussaard
Production: Lena Meijer
Coach: Daan Borrel
Technical advice: Pensive Vivivier
Supported by: AFK, Stichting Niemeijer, and the Amarte Fonds.
Thanks to outside eyes: Dance Space Destiny, Rick Schamlé, Geke Oosterhof, Hazel Oosterhof, Mirthe Labree and Hans Schamlé.

First work in progress shown on Come Together in Frascati Amsterdam. Photo’s by Reinout Bos.